How does HostelFund work?

HostelFund screens every idea through an initial feasibility test. If approved, we ask the student entrepreneurs to pitch the idea to us, followed by the journey of a lifetime.

If you have an Idea, we are all ears.

HostelFund values the power of idea. Every idea has a possibility and the air of success. We are always open to new ideas and would love to analyze them.


Your idea is a success and the world needs it.

Now, you'll come forward and share the details of your idea. Put it forward in any way you like.
Be creative! Be logical! Be ready to answer some uninvited questions!


The idea is feasible and your pitch has been accepted.

This is going to be a journey full of learnings and betterment while you are getting the experience and focus of a few renowned personalities of the startup world. You will reap the fruit of the learnings imparted by them the hard way.


Here comes the money!

Furnish your idea with our help to get it funded. With the proper resources, you will be able to take your idea and shape the world in the manner you see fit. Let's go for it!

HostelFund (HF) is not a Stock Exchange nor does it intend to get recognized as a stock exchange under the Securities Contracts Regulation Act, 1956. HF does not facilitate any online or offline buying, selling or dealing of securities, clearing or settlement of trades of securities. HostelFund does not provide advice, recommendation, or any other indication of appropriateness or inappropriateness of a particular investment. HF does not endorse any investment opportunity, makes no independent investigation to verify information provided by companies submitting to HF for presentation or otherwise, and makes no representation or warranty regarding the same. All investors are advised to do their individual due diligence before making any investment. HF is not responsible for any loss, whatsoever. The securities offered by any company registered on Hostel.Fund (“Platform”) are not traded on any stock exchange recognised by SEBI or any other exchange. HF does not allow any secondary market trading of securities on the Platform.