Country Liquor to Classy Champagne

Why college is the best time to start a business?

Shradha Sharma of YourStory Media shares her insights along with our 16-year-old speaker, Kunal Chandiramani, one of the youngest CEOs of the country with Ankur Jain, Creator of HostelFund- India's only fund for Student Entrepreneurs.

Two Popular Myths
"Degree Bina Job nahin"
"Funding Bina company nahin"

This conversation of Ankur Jain-Creator of HostelFund, Rahul Agarwalla, a seasoned investor, Managing Partner of SenseAI Ventures and Shiv Shankar Ganesh, a college dropout who has raised seed funding will help you clear your doubts.

HostelFund invests in CortexBCI, a mind controlled Robotics Startup built by BITS Pilani Students.

There are various stages in the journey of a startup and each can be considered as a milestone. We consider ‘receiving funding’ for a startup being a milestone of acceptance and presence in the society. If startups are being trusted with someone’s money, it is a big support financially as well as morally.

What is it required to ditch campus placements and follow your dream of starting up?

Listen to Priyanjit Ghosh- IIM Raipur 2019 graduate who started Codevector, which provides AI-powered solutions to startups and enterprises and help them to grow their revenue, improve customer experiences and optimize operations. Ankit Agarwal, Director of Innoven Capital shares his thoughts with Young entrepreneurs and inspires them to take risks and follow their dreams.

A teenager builds a profitable business with 1mn+ customers.

19-year-old student entrepreneur, Swapnil builds a finch startup Mudrakwik and serves more than 1 million customers. Listen to his story and a journey ahead.
Also, Sanjay Enishetty CEO of 50K Ventures shares a lot of insights about student startup funding. Sanjay like most of the investors believes only in the passion of the founding team members.
“Money can’t be the motivation to build a startup. Build for customers and not investors.”

Essentials to build Startups For Gen Z by Gen Z

Sridhar Rallabandi, Angel Investor, ex-President of Axis Bank & Laxmi Vilas bank and Faraaz Ahmed, Co-founder of Edukey (BITS Pilani Student Startup) shares their feedback and experiences of building a company for Gen Z by Gen Z. Some of the real-life learnings you should not be missing. "The best advisors/ mentors a startup can get are actual customers. When they buy your products, they give you harsh, brutal and honest feedback of your product." "For pre-revenue startups, valuations will always be tricky. Better to raise something and low valuations and prove everyone wrong and raise bigger next round."

How Young investors nurture and back young entrepreneurs

Sanjay Mehta (India’s one of the most active investors, with more than 150+ angel investments, shares his learnings with young investors on angel investment
3 Mantras, to be followed
“Is there money to be made” (How big is the market/ opportunity?)
“Are these the right people to make money” (How is the team?)
“How much money can be made” (What’s the right business model and competitive advantage?)
Also meet, young and passionate Aarav Bhatia, co-founder of Pocketly, A startup which provides a loan to students.

ED-TECH new players or new market segments?

Meet Vivek Agarwal- CEO & Founder of LIQVID (ex-Founder of eGuruKool- one of the early edtech companies of the country)
Sharing his viewpoint on "Is still steam left in Ed-tech sector" after recent funding spree in the sector.
Also, listen to Harshwardhan- 17-year old A student entrepreneur, who is also known as Drone Boy of the Country. How he is solving one big problem and what was his experience meeting PM Modi and taking sessions with Tatas of the world. A lot of inspiration and objectivity in this video.

Tips & Tricks of raising early stage funding

How easy or difficult it is to raise early-stage funding.
Girish Shivani (Co-founder of Yournest) shares tips and tricks with young entrepreneurs in the 9th episode of "Country Liquor to Classy Champagne" with Ankur Jain.
Few of those are MVP, Business Model (Unit economics), Team on one side and Persistence, Passion on the other side.
Gladly, student entrepreneur Shawrya Mehrotra, Founder and CEO of Metvy check marks on all of the above points. Listen to his story and many more such points.

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